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WFMT 98.7 FM -  Sweet Folk Chicago Program Playlist 
Nancy Emrich Freeman’s appearance on Dec. 5, 2015

Rich Warren:  We’re very pleased to have Nancy Emrich Freeman with us tonight to present Sweet Folk Chicago.  Nancy is both a musician and a presenter/producer/promoter. You may know her as the former host of the LilFest series at Bills Blues or from her festival and Wilmette’s 10-year long LilFest House Concert Series. She’s active throughout the folk scene, using her marketing and consulting skills from the world of philanthropy to make the economic world of the arts better for the artists who work in it.  (

Susan Werner: Iowa (Susan Werner) “Hayseed” Thirty Tigers UPC 94504 79964

Jim Post:  Mighty Big River (Jim Post) “Mark Twain and the Laughing River” Americana Music Series WA006-2 DDD

Radoslav Lorkovic: Roll On Through (Radoslav Lorkovic) “Clear and Cold” SHED 01 DDD Reissue UPC 0026138340

Chuck Mitchell:  Stackerlee (Traditional – or - Lloyd Price, Harold Logan) “Dreams and Stories” Happy Tiger Records UPC 0026129470

Greg Brown:  Spring Wind (Greg Brown) “The Live One” UPC 3365-10078

John Krob:  Lonely Wind (John Krob) “Lonely Wind”  KROB0914

Andrea Bunch:  the other fish (Andrea Bunch) “Numinous” UPC77319 00532

Carol Montag:  Babies and Dishes (Carol Montag) “White” Monday’s Music MM1002

Dave Moore: Let’s Take our Time and Do It Right (Dave Moore) “Breaking Down to 3” Red House records RHR CD 132

Susan Werner: Herbicides (Susan Werner) “Hayseed” Thirty Tigers UPC 94504 79964

Kelly Pardekooper: Not in Iowa Any More (Kelly Pardekooper) “Haymaker Heart” Leisure Time Records LTRS UPC 2534680892

Bonnie Koloc: Iowa (Bonnie Koloc) 

Tirebiter Tunes at KPOV 106.7FM Community Radio in Bend, OR, Sundays at 6 pm PST/PDT.

Strange how the music flows....I have one cousin, my age exactly, who I never knew well because of distance.  Lo and behold I find out he's running a venue in Bend, Oregon (now for sale and rented to others); then next thing I know he's a DJ (again).  And, yes, genes have commanding power.  We view music in much the same way; preferring everything Americana-ish and Folk-ish, and Classic Rock-ish (and more.)  He plays, natch, and turns out we know many of the same artists.  So if you want to add a DJ to your list, send it to Creig Tirebiter (a little anonymized, that name) at 1639 NW Steidl Road, Bend, Oregon 97701 and he'll add it to his station library and work it in if he can.  Mention Nancy and LilFest, of course, and listen to the station on the web too.

Bend is gorgeous, if you don't know it, and the Sisters Festival is very close too.  Portland isn't too far; neither is Hood River.  What's not to like about touring Oregon?  Maybe son Chip will set up a street team...

If there's a chance I have multiple copies of your CD, I sent it to him already....I forwarded all my dupes to KPOV.

June, 2009