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Quotes of Praise & Press Releases


I think what you are doing for music is absolutely wonderful. How cool that you're partnering w/SPACE for (Odetta)! You probably don't hear this enough, but it's people like you who keep the music alive, and help make it accessible to all the listeners. I saw that cool t-shirt with all the names of the people who've performed at LilFest over the years... how totally cool! -Sue Fink

(and for all the people who read this, what I’ve done isn’t really all that hard. I’m happy to consult with others to facilitate live music in your own community! -Nancy)


What They’ve Been Saying About LilFest Festivals & House Concerts

About the living room concert space at LilFest

“The room is like a miniature orchestra hall.  It shapes the acoustic sounds, and the electric sounds blend perfectly.”

-Radoslav Lorkovic, singer/songwriter, blues, jazz, folk, Americana, classical sideman & accompanist, virtuoso piano and accordion

08 LilFest Festival 6

Kudos for all the hard work you and your faithful volunteers put in to create a fun (albeit wet) LilFest this year. But Nancy, I will always remember you as the person who put Michi (Regier) in the mix for me. Her violin is stunning, and my songs feel brand new with her art on stage with me. Thank you forever.
-Carl Franzen, tenured American songwriter and pianist 

LilFest was better than Noah's Ark yesterday …. We had far more than two of every kind, they all loved music and all got along. The rain turned it into the world's largest house concert without seeming crowded.
-Rob, The Record Guy, collector and music business professional 

04 LilFest Festival 2

“This is the best time I’ve ever had in my life.”  -Moe Dixon, fingerstyle and ragtime guitarist extraordinaire

LilFest Festivals 1-6

A Poem for LilFest

Some time before the autumn leaves begin to fall to the grass,
A tent appears in the estate of the Emriches, where the drivers and joggers pass.
Throughout the day, several say, “That house seems full of class.”
The time has come for a festival, and it will not be the last.

Nancy Emrich, the ever famous and not the lamest “rock mom”
Spends hours setting up the mikes for the singers to sing their songs.
A set shall never be too short, nor shall it be too long.
At last they come, the stars with guitars (in case it’s needed, she has a gong).
They bring their amps, lamps, cases, laces, strings, things, stands and bands.
Then play their tunes till rises the moon, to the beat of clapping hands.
Times like these are very rare across the distant American lands.
Where everyone can listen or dance, and it wouldn’t be possible without Nance.

Sid Samberg, contemporary composer, pianist, violist, and bass guitarist teen


On Lilfest's publicist writings:

"Really goooooooooooodddddddddd!!!!!!!"