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Coming House Concerts

An invitation for you to a LilFest House Concert   
About the House Concerts: Join me, if you will, for the fun and music in the living room of 711 Lake Ave., Wilmette, IL. The refreshments provided will be simple and non-alcoholic. Contributions of goodies - homemade, store-bought, your choice of beverages, whatever, are also most welcome. There will be a basket available to support the House's expenses: PR, equipment, refreshments, chairs, repairs and the like, should you choose to do that. Suggested contributions for the artists vary between $12 and $20. Reservations are necessary, please, e-mail ( preferred. Phone 312-371-2284. Space is limited and sellouts do occur. Doors open fifteen minutes before the show and we are located 4-5 blocks from either the CTA's Linden stop on the purple line or the METRA's Wilmette stop. (See partial list of past performers)


LilFest presents

 Josh White, Jr.

Friday, January 2, 2009

6:30 Doors, 7:30 Concert, Holiday Pot Luck Dinner
711 Lake Street, Wilmette IL

Josh White Jr.A very special night of songs and stories to welcome the New Year

Meet him in person after his WFMT 98.7FM radio live broadcast on New Year’s Eve

Josh White, Jr., became, a 'hit' literally over night at the age of four, by performing with his legendary father JOSH WHITE one night at New York's famed "Café Society" night club (America's first integrated nightclub). For the next five years, Josh, Jr. and Sr. performed from New York to Boston to Philadelphia. In 1949, Josh, Jr. landed his first role on Broadway, and as Josh says, "It was type casting..." he played his father's son in How Long Til Summer? with Dorothy Gish and Don Hanmer. While continuing a solo acting career, Josh went on to perform and record with his father for the next seventeen years on radio, television, Broadway, concert halls and nightclubs around the world. A solo career as deep and wide as his voice followed. As a concert artist, Josh, Jr. has performed on the world's greatest stages of four continents, including Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Odeon Hammersmith Hall, Berlin Philharmonic Hall, and Madison Square Garden to name a few. At the peak of this folk boom, in the mid 60s through the late 70s, Josh was considered one of the college circuit’s most celebrated and honored performing artists, the 'Dean of College Concert Attractions'.


LilFest presents

 Bill & Kate Isles

Friday, January 23, 2009

7:30 Doors and Pot Luck Dinner, 8:00 Concert,
711 Lake Street, Wilmette IL

Welcoming home two LilFest true favorites

“There are moments of brilliance.” Many! NJE 

Bill and Kate IslesBill Isles' songs are down-to-earth poetic reflections of life experiences and often explore adventurous metaphorical worlds. These worlds vary greatly in scope and texture such as the differences between the clever honky-tonk ambiguity of "The Hole in Our Town" and the enchanting feel of "Sistine Chapel", both from his 2003 release "The Threshold". Each of his compositions provides a spectrum of interpretation opportunities, as well, as demonstrated by "Sistine Chapel". It is this multi-layering that has drawn fans to listen over and over again, and to describe his live performances as "mesmerizing".

Bill's performance at the Just Plain Folks Anniversary Party in Minneapolis caught the attention of City's Tone Publisher David Keiski. "Isles' use of word pictures and metaphors separates his work from the others in more ways than one. He is a more seasoned craftsman that has put a lot of work into the task of songwriting, and it's easy to tell that Isles takes a lot of time, is serious and diligent about his subjects. He is a thoughtful and creative storyteller, mixing interesting images into what is the perfect introduction to the other songwriters, and to our table, this song, Photo Mosaic... I imagine Bill Isles doing very well in Nashville, and at bluegrass and folk festivals... he has the craft of songwriting down... The musical feeling of (his) CD is warm like Isles' voice... there are moments of brilliance"  



































Past performers include: Jim Bizer, Jonathan Byrd, Andrew Calhoun, Craig Carothers, Jeremy Clyde, Chad and Jeremy, Bianca De Leon, Tom Dundee, Antje Duvekot, Mark Dvorak, Justin Earle, Kat Eggleston, Cliff Eberhardt, John Flynn, Gina Forsyth, Freebo, Freebo and Photoglo, Funkadesi, Eliza Gilkyson, Eric Hanson, Tim Harrison, Patrick Hazell, Terri Hendrix, Bill Isles, Jan Krist, Jimmy LaFave, Howard Levy, Radoslav Lorkovic, The Kennedy's, Lloyd Maines, Khalif Walter Malone, Lisa Markley, James McCandless, Dan McKinnon, Michael Miles, Dave Moore, Pete Morton, David Olney, Kristina Olsen, Garnet Rogers, Danny Schmidt, Michael Smith, Rosalie Sorrels, Sons of the Never Wrong, James Lee Stanley, Chad Stuart, Chuck Suchy, Eric Taylor, Melvin Taylor, Andy White, Jack Williams, Steve Young, Lee Zimmerman, Natalia Zukerman, and The Front Page Follies of Ekstrom and Quinn.