past  lilfest concerts at bill's blues



see video of chad & jeremy on local chicago tv during their recent visit in may, 2009!

chicago gets ready for another british folk/pop invasion!

chad and jeremy
chad and jeremy may 8 & 9, 2009

fri & sat, may 8 & 9 at two very special venues
chad and jeremy have a new album!
and 11 top 40 '60's hits also, of course.

what amazing fun. folk icons chad and jeremy are coming to chicago again ! mark the dates right now - friday, may 8 or saturday, may 9 at 8pm.

on friday, may 8 they'll perform at an intimate concert at bill's blues bar in evanston. click this link to buy tickets:

 chad & jeremy may 8, 2009

on saturday, may 9 they'll take over the stage at the theater of the wilmette park district in wilmette near old orchard. click this link to buy tickets:

 chad & jeremy may 9, 2009


chad and jeremy may 8 & 9, 2009chad stuart and jeremy clyde became a sensation in america on the wave of the british invasion charting 11 top 40 hits with a pot-full of number one's including the smash "summer song," "yesterday's gone," "willow weep for me," and "distant shores." the duo made appearances on numerous tv shows in the 60's including "dick van dyke," "patti duke," "batman" and "danny kaye." they also appeared on "johnny carson's the tonight show," "andy williams," "american bandstand," and "hullabaloo." they continued to rack up the hits and tour throughout the 1960's, but have rarely performed together since then, as an ocean and many acting and musical projects chad and jeremy may 8 & 9, 2009, evanston & wilmette, ildiverted their life paths.

last year they came together again, drawn by their deep friendship and the need to make music - and record it - again. the tour sent shock waves across america, galvanizing fans and a very large dormant community of fan-loyalists. when lilfest presented them last year, fans drove and flew in from 7 or 8 states and both coasts, many attending all 3 '08 concerts. many people could not get tickets as shows sold out. this is a true "by popular demand" invitation from lilfest to get "the boys" to return to chicago. 

chad & jeremy may 8 & 9, wilmette and evanston, il

at bill's blues friday, may 8 at 8pm you may chose general admission $30 or reserved seats with 2 drinks $45.
at the auditorium of the wilmette park district on saturday, may 9 at 8pm, the general admission tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the door.


thursday, may 28 - dave hoffheimer band w/ dr. mudd

sunday, may 24 - katherine wheatley & eve goldberg 

   sunday, may 17 - james lee stanley

thursday, may 14 - danny schmidt

sunday, may 10 - craig carothers

friday, may 8 - chad & jeremy 

sunday, may 3 -
claudia nygaard

sunday, april 30 - little giant blues band

thursday, april 23 - bill evans & megan lynch 

sunday, april 26 - maria dunn

sunday, april 19 - amy speace

thursday, mar 26 at 7pm at bill's blues
1029 davis st., evanston, il 60201
albie powers

americana folk rock songwriter

albie powersso many talents - humor, piano, songwriting, guitar, lyrics, and did i say humor? albie don' git out much. he has a top=notch cd in a can just hanging fire. meet him. hear him. let's get this guy goin'! trust me on this. this will be an every genre evening.

this one is free - bring canned and other non-perishable food for albie's favorite food pantry.

sunday, mar 22 at 7pm at bill's blues
1029 davis st., evanston, il 60201

ed holstein

ed holsteingreat teacher, great picker, great storyteller & humanist,

oops, i meant humorist -- and now a songwriter!

this show will be hosted by freddi greenberg. 

if you remember the great shows at the earl of old town, somebody else's troubles, and holsteins, you won't want to miss this show. if you weren’t there in the great old days, now is the chance to make up for lost time. in ed holstein are the spirit of a fresh young boy, the humor of a long life with lots of behind-the-bar observations, guitar-playing, and story-telling that won’t quit.


thursday, march 19, 2009
7-11:30 pm - lilfest presents songwriting seminar/ round robin performances/discussion
at bill's blues
1029 davis st., evanston, il 60201

come with your best song in hand to share with the audience and the panel of songwriters leading the discussion: gary badik, dave hawkins, marshall hjertstedt & dean milano. the panel members will sing their songs and talk about the craft of singwriting, working those who sign up into the evening's music and discussion. to sign up call: 312-371-2284.or just come. with luck, dean milano will play along on bass on your song.$5
bill's is 1029 davis st. evanston
metra and cta: davis
312-371-2284 questions?

sunday, mar 15 at 7pm at bill's blues
1029 davis st., evanston, il 60201

chicago's pride and joy:
michael smith


michael smithdon't miss the incomparable michael smith at bill's. i've always liked this quote:

the thing that stands out most in michael's work is his unpredictable creativity just when you think you know where he's going, lyrically or musically, he'll turn a metaphoric corner on you, double back, sneak up behind you and slip a rainbow in your pocket.

those of us who are songwriters or guitar players ... learn why there really are no rules when it comes to the game of music

hill country house concerts,
bulverde texas


sunday, february 22 - lonnie knight

sunday, march 1, 3 pm - special show:  jon vezner

jon vezner at bill's blues, march 1, 2009jon vezner will be performing one 3:00 pm lilfest afternoon show at bill's blues, located at 1029 davis st, in evanston on sunday, march 1st, 2009.  rarely seen performing his own songs, grammy winner jon vezner is a masterful songwriter, player and performer.

grammy award-winning songwriter vezner is a tunesmith of rare sensitivity and dry wit. his catalogue of recorded songs, topped by the poignant "where've you been," reflects his straight-to-the heart sensibility and sensitivity. vezner weaves the particulars of his own feelings with the lives of people he has known into universal themes that deeply touch listeners' emotions.

vezner co-wrote "where've you been" with fellow singer/songwriter don henry. recorded by kathy mattea, this true story of vezner's grandparents earned him "song of the year" honors with both the country music association (cma) and the academy of country music (acm) for 1990. the song was honored with a grammy award for "best country song" and the nashville songwriters association "song of the year." vezner was subsequently named "songwriter of the year" by the nsai.

sunday, monday, tuesday mar. 1, 2 & 3 - bob gibson legacy show three day run!

sunday, march 8 - noah zacarin

sunday, january 25, 2009 - jim craig, guest hosted by eric futran 

sunday, october 26, 2008 – 7pm
w nelson

 at bill’s blues, 1029 davis st., evanston $10 

drew nelsondrew nelson has an uncommon gift. please welcome him to evanston on this next sunday. you'll be glad to meet his music.

drew nelson's songs are facile in poetry, tactile in tone. they're simple, direct expressions via mere melody and a mittful of guitar chords. such is drew's gift - the ability to extract spirit and soul from the jumble of modern life, and turn it into music.

"immigrant son" is the culmination of drew's unique artistic efforts, a balance of his worldliness and small-town-america sensibilities. as a kid, he quietly rebelled against the strict, religious confines of his home by secretly listening to rock radio. he overcame his band teacher's humbling criticism of his drumming skills by teaching himself to play guitar. he escaped the quiet quaintness of his modest, conservative west michigan hometown by joining the navy and traveling to far corners of the world with his guitar on his back.

 drew nelson on myspace

thursday, october 23, 7 pm – lilfest songwriter's night,  bluebird style - in the round 

at bill’s blues, 1029 davis st., evanston $10

four different local artists will share the stage taking turns song by song, and jamming too. each one a different voice, a different songwriting style - but somehow it melds into an evening of immense interest and fun. hear: tim duggan, marshall hjertstedt, jay einhorn and sherry bondi. support the careers of these chicago songwriters with your evening at bill's. be part of evanston's music renaissance - lively live music and support for artists. it's a great tradition.

tim duggantim duggan
making music for almost 30 years, tim duggan's style has been described as folk, country, blues, americana, shakespearean bizarre, and just plain good. his pure voice, storytelling of real and imagined people, and spinning tales of heroes and antiheroes from old and new days all have captivated audiences in several states, canada, and europe. dr. tim (that's what his students call him) is also a professor of education and director of a residential academic and arts camp for gifted youth. at camp he is known primarily for his bad jokes. his two solo recordings are language arts 101 and language arts 201.

jay einhornjay einhorn
jay einhorn began his musical life as a jazz guitarist. it was while playing at the exit coffeehouse in new haven that he first became acquainted with folk music. this sparked jay to shift his musical perspective. he has a natural love of poetry and story telling. this lead him to merge those divergent streams of influence into a new style that is all his own. his music is formed by a combination of jazz, folk and blues styles; with a special jay einhorn twist.  

marshall hjertstedtmarshall hjerstedt
marshall hjertstedt has always had a love affair with the "song." he is a big fan of singer/songwriters like bruce cockburn, pierce pettis, richard thompson, and paul simon, to name a few. he's been writing and performing his own material for many decades. his guitar music is composed with a liberal use of alternate tunings that create a lush musical backdrop for his clear voice and expressive lyrics. marshall says he believes a great song is like a mytryoshka nesting doll. on the surface, the melody and music draw you in. but the more you listen, the more it "opens itself up" to deeper emotion and deeper meaning. his tunes run the gambit from touching ballads to rousing rockers.  

sherry bondisherry bondi
sherry's myspace
sherry bondi is a singer-songwriter based out of chicago, illinois where she lives in the historic rogers park area on lake michigan. she blends beautiful finger-style playing with clever and insightful lyrics that reflect life, love, sorrow and the power that nature has on all living things. her love for nature and the environment, and the power that it has over all of us is woven throughout her melodies and poetry.

sherry bondi's myspace

 sunday, october 12, 2008

the bob gibson legacy show

7:00 – 9:30 pm   $15 

bill’s blues bar, 1029 davis st., evanston, il  60091

information nancy emrich @ 312-371-2284 and william gilmore @ 847-424-9800

the bob gibson legacy showthe late bob gibson, superstar of the folk music renaissance of the '50s and '60s, wrote and revitalized a wide-ranging collection of songs, many of which have become deeply embedded in our cultural psyche.

the bob gibson legacy concerts invoke the performance magic of this musical legend who always thought the real star of the show was the audience. bob's eldest daughter, meridian green, along with veteran entertainers rick grumbecker and john heller take the audience on a musical journey through the heart of american folk music. from greenwich village's washington square to chicago's gate of horn, from california's mendocino coast to kerrville, texas, through songs and stories, medleys and sing-alongs, playing banjo, 12-string, 6-string and nashville high-strung guitars, they bring our shared musical history home.


thursday, oct. 2, 2008 7-9:30 pm 

lilfest bluebird-style song circle performance

this week lilfest presents sandy andina, ross cabin, dave hawkins and dean milano in the lilfest bluebird-style songwriting circle. in the lilfest song circle, active chicago songwriters take turns singing one song after another, often talking about how a song was written or setting the scene. magically the evening develops in unexpected ways – themes develop, sometimes performers harmonize and jam, new songs come to life in their first performances. their songs provide humor and a wide variety in perspective, demographic and outlook while being presented with style and grace. come for variety, creativity. great singing and song-writing. bill’s is the place to be for quality live music. $10 cover. 

sandy andinasandy andina is a singer-songwriter-humorist who performs solo and with her bands sass! and andina and rich. sandy plays acoustic guitar (6- and 12-string), mountain dulcimer, electric bass, autoharp, and 5-string frailing banjo. due to her years as a rock band bassist, she thoughtfully chooses rock and other covers to add to her mostly-original solo repertoire, which receives worldwide air- and internet play. and hawkins

 dave hawkins is the singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the cities of chicago, tulsa, and new orleans.  dave hawkins climbs onto the scene after many seasons underground.  dave's songs come from the idea that music is a place where flesh and spirit meet, so his songs go high, deep, and wide.  an english teacher, he is inspired by his favorite authors, as well as by his favorite songwriters, dave thoughtfully explores the range and essence of human experience through haunting melodies, soulful vocals, a strong poetic sense, intermittent injections of humor, and a variety of musical styles.  and 

dean milanodean milano, a professional bass player and singer since 1966, started out with rock and roll, but over the years has played every kind of music and venue imaginable (even playing at a nudist colony). and his music style is: folk, country, rock, ballads, latin, bluegrass, pop, and novelty songs. he has been writing his own music since 1971, finally putting together an album – his first cd - songs about stuff. dean has performed with the new seekers (georgy girl) and opened for some of the greats, including paul butterfield, jan & dean, cab calloway, the spencer davis group, bo diddley, the kingston trio, and more. he doesn’t write love songs or songs about broken relationships. his are mostly songs from his time on the road and his general life experiences. these are the seeds for his “stories worth telling.” and 

ross cabinross cabin first appeared at bill's in 2007 with macyn taylor.  ross cabin is a guitar-playing singer/songwriter hipster from highwood.    just exactly who you'd like to have teaching your kids music - and who the kids would like to have!  he's midway in the production of his first album, with a voice talent that won't stop and song-writing skills to match.

 the next lilfest bluebird style song circle is thursday, oct. 23, 2008 7-9:30 pm.  lilfest convenes a regular song circle on weeknights at the lilfest house in wilmette.  if you are a singer/songwriter. come to the song circle performances as an audience member or the open mike as a performer on sundays 4pm at bill’s blues bar in evanston.  that way you can find out about connecting to the song circle as a writer.

lilfest is a facilitator of live music in chicago. a promotion, presentation & festival company working to engage many artists and audiences as well as a consultant in career paths and audience development for the music industry’s artists and venues. it was founded to bring deeply rooted songs and stories of passion and power into our modern lives. 

sunday, september 28, 2008 

jack williams 
7:15 pm
(note the later start so you can attend the wfmt benefit at 3 – 7 pm in skokie and still make jack’s performance!)
jack williamssouth carolinian jack williams, guitarist/singer/songwriter/storyteller,, is outstanding among a handful of artists who - in skill, depth and integrity – stand head and shoulders above the many performers flooding today’s folk circuit. among acoustic guitarists he is near-legendary. having avoided the compromises of the commercial music industry during his 50+-year professional career, he prefers touring “under the radar”, playing concerts, large and small, week in and week out, from the sheer love of music and performing. jack’s acclaimed appearances at the newport, boston, philadelphia, kerrville, (new bedford) summerfest and other folk festivals, his musicianship, songs, stories and commanding presence have established jack as an uncommonly inspiring and influential performer."

friday,  september 26 at bill’s blues bar, 1029 davis st., evanston, il  60201

(and every 4th friday thereafter!*)

the alte shteibles klezmer band

5:30 – 7:30 pm

the alte shteibles klezmer band

info at:,, 312-471-2284 & 847-424-9800

who could deny the pleasure and pain of the screaming clarinets or the waltz of dramatic fun on a friday freylekh night come and join in the klezmer spirit over your beverage of choice, well deserved on a friday! there’s no charge, just a pass-the-hat. hecky’s bbq is available to nosh on.

 don’t know the tradition? klezmer developed in southeastern europe alongside roma, greek, romanian, turkish and bulgarian music. it is impassioned, frequently dance-able, played on violin, cymbalom, clarinet, accordion, trombone, trumpet, piano, and, of course, bass!

*also performing mar. 27, apr. 24, may 22, jun. 26, july31, aug. 28, sept. 25, oct. 30, nov. 27